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Sick city cow-woman. (by Shahinoor .)#hats #velvet #plaid #cityscape #country


Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger (1994)
“Darkthrone is for all the evil in man”

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Pagan Spears + Pagan Fears (by Shahi H.)Babes as space
psychic killer! qu’est-ce que c’est?

Decided to start my abandoned account. It was actually what made me get back on tumblr years ago. Let me know if you have one, guiz.

Lucifer over london.



Remember these amazing #BrandNewDennys tweets from a few months ago? (It was the most popular post this blog ever blogged.)

I’m reblogging them now because (they’re worth another post and also) I had a short chat with Amber Gordon, the Brand New fan behind the tweets.

Please tell us who you are and what you do!
A little bit about me, I’m Amber Gordon a twenty-something (not 19 year old intern) currently living in New York City. I recently joined the tumblr team as Creative Strategist which I am so, so excited about. I’m obviously a fan of Brand New and have been since I discovered pop-punk in High School.
What inspired the now famous Brand New Denny’s tweets that we all love? 
When I sent those tweets for Denny’s I was working as their Community Manager at a Creative Agency here in NYC. The opportunity presented itself when a Denny’s fan (@willfiler_) tweeted a lyric from “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot”. Our goal on social was to create authentic conversations, ones you would have at a diner with your friends or a server. Realistically you might not be shooting BN lyrics back and forth (or maybe you would, no judgement) but it was a really great moment for me to insert my personality into the Denny’s brand and act like an actual person, not a corporation. 
Off topic, but how do you feel about Walter White eating at Denny’s?
I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan so knowing they filmed in a Denny’s and he ordered a Grand Slam on his birthday is SO AMAZING.
Brand New walks into Denny’s. What should they order?
A Fried Cheese Melt and seasoned fries. (Very good at 3AM)

Dirimart installation by Peter Kongler.